Communications Strategy

Cornet Communications Counsel works with your communication staff and senior management to make sure your existing communication and relationship strategies directly support your organizational strategy – your well-reasoned plan to succeed. That means being clear about what you are trying to achieve, knowing who can affect your success, and effectively influencing their beliefs and actions.


Our strategy projects have helped:

  • The Canadian division of a major management consulting firm more effectively use its $1 million annual investment in communications
  • A Fortune 10 consumer products company develop, through a cross-functional collaborative process, a public policy strategy to manage its most controversial public affairs issue
  • A leading broadcasting company successfully combat the movement to ban beer and wine advertising from television and radio
  • One of the leading health care systems in Denver defend itself from a hostile takeover by one of its sponsors, through creating a combined direct-contact and web-based grassroots advocacy campaign, supported by dominating media relations; the campaign drew enough support that the system’s “pro” stakeholders actually ran the campaign themselves on behalf of the community.