Editorial Services

In addition to Executive Communications, we provide copy writing for reports, brochures, publications, blogs, whitepapers, and websites.

We also offer a full range of editing services, including:

  • Comprehensive copy editing and revision/rewrite of existing drafts prepared by internal staff
  • Line copy editing for coherence and correctness
  • Proof reading of final copy, galleys, and blue lines for accuracy and correctness.

In our editorial engagements, we have:

  • Produced – in a full turnkey operation – the flagship consumer marketing periodical, as well as internal publications, for a leading mid-Atlantic community hospital
  • Created and produced all collateral materials from the basic case statement to the “ways to give” brochure for a $30 million capital campaign for a leading community hospital
  • Developed the editorial strategy and produced all copy for a major international consulting company’s bi-annual report on the competitive state of the property-casualty insurance industry, based on a survey of the industry’s CEOs
  • Crafted the site strategy and all copy for the “cost and quality” website of a leading Denver health care system
  • Created the first nursing annual report for Seattle’s leading public hospital, documenting nursing’s achievements on the journey to Magnet status.