Executive Communications

There are no more effective or credible advocates for an organization’s strategy, policy position, or product and service than its senior managers — especially its CEO.

We help organizations create an executive communications strategy — a systematic plan to place its executives on speaking platforms that will reach important stakeholders, as well as to place executive opinion articles in targeted newspapers, journals, and trade publications.

Then, we assist organizations in executing the strategy by crafting the speeches and articles — finding the right words and right ideas to advance their interests.

In our engagements, we’ve helped:

  • The CEO of a leading brewer launch his change agenda for a new relationship with all of his company’s major stakeholders through a 12-month program of in-person speaking
  • The CEO of a leading consulting company testify before a US Senate task force on workforce change as part of the company’s repositioning strategy
  • The North American CEO of the leading premium drinks company challenge his industry peers to work more cooperatively to change the social landscape for all of the industry’s products
  • The head of the Enterprise Risk Management Practice of the leading insurance and financial institutions strategy consultancy articulate the firm’s unique approach to integrated risk management in a series of articles that raised awareness of the practice and generated new business
  • The North American operations of the world’s leading premium drinks company design and script all executive presentations for its first-ever national sales conference
  • The second largest brewer in the country design, script, and produce its annual sales and business meetings.