Change Management Communications

Our change management communications projects enable organizations to engage their people in supporting major changes in their cultures and ways of working.  Our change strategies work to ensure your employees’ understanding of what needs to change and why, enlist their commitment to the change, and impel their actions to implement the change.

In our engagements, we:

  • Helped transform the safety culture of one of the nation’s leading, sustainable energy companies from a “blame, shame, and retrain” culture to a “learning and improving” culture
  • Created and executed the communications strategy to support the changeover to ICD-10 at Seattle’s leading community hospital; result of the strategy was measurable increased understanding of, and support for, ICD-10 among key stakeholders
  • Developed the communication strategy and produced all communications to improve efficiency and productivity in the North American plants of the world’s leading spirits producer
  • Created the change management program to increase safety in the packaging and production operations of the leading spirits company in North America at ten of its plants